Who we are

Animate Consulting’s Lead Partners are Jo Kennedy, Ian McKenzie, and Joette Thomas. We each have more than 20 years’ experience of organisational development,and have worked together successfully and creatively in organisations and communities since 2004.

Animate was formed in 2012 to enable us to make a greater impact by pooling our experience as organisational leaders and management consultants. Since then, contracts have taken us throughout Scotland and the UK, across Europe, North America and the developing global south.

What we believe

We recognise that our clients have strengths and skills and that our role is therefore to accompany and partner rather than to simply advise. Our inquisitive nature and creative approach result in well researched and sustainable solutions, that are based on proven theories. Fundamentally, we believe that people are able to find their own solutions, and that we all benefit from external support and input from time to time in order to do so.

Our work together as Animate Consulting has demonstrated that we are greater than the sum of our parts. We believe this also applies to the organisations, teams and individuals we work with, and our approach is therefore based upon releasing the potential that exists within everyone.