Developing Your Organisation programme

With more and more change impacting on organisations leaders are having to look at their organisation and their leadership strategy with fresh eyes, and re-develop their organisation faster and faster. This programme takes managers and development workers in organisations through a supported journey working on their real development issues, yet together with learning from other similar organisations.

During the programme everyone is learning tools for changing their organisation, working with resistance to change and complexity, while re-looking at their own leadership challenges. The programme runs over three short modules with coaching support in between from September 18th – December.  Due to the success of this programme and the feedback from participants about its value, further dates have been set for the next programme in early 2013.
Full details via GCVS – email or phone

Using Action Learning in Your Organisation

This is a new publication, that enables managers and leaders to set up and run all sorts of Action Learning based ways of working in their organisations. The guide is written by Duncan Wallace together and published by one of our community based client organisations, Drumchapel Life, through whom we have been doing a range of action learning sets with over 32 organisations in the west of Glasgow.