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Be curious – about leadership, diversity and inclusion

How can we help leaders to work more inclusively and to develop more diverse workplaces? That was the question Jo from Animate and Oonagh from Down to Earth explored on a snowy day in February. What were the three things they identified? Read on to find out… In our work we aspire to be better… Read more »

Capping CEO pay – the best solution?

In this month’s edition of the Big Idea in Herald Business magazine, Animate partner Jo gives her take on why there shouldn’t be a cap on Chief Executive earnings. Read more in the Herald Business article on CEO pay

Animate in the news(papers) – Are school leavers ill equipped for a life of work?

The second of our blogs for the Herald Business magazine came out in June. In it, Animate partner Jo reflected on whether our education system prepares young people for work: It is incontrovertible that the future of work will be shaped by increasing digitalisation, artificial intelligence and robotics. There will be little need for employees… Read more »

Does it matter? Decision making by people with learning disabilities

Animate partners Richard and Ian have completed research, with People First (Scotland), on the views and experiences of people who have a learning disability on decision making. The research sought to answer the question ‘can supported decision-making for people with learning disabilities offer a practical, safe and realistic alternative to substitute decision-making?‘ Interviews with 128 people were… Read more »

Merging – or integrating – health and social care

A recent Localis report ‘Rebooting Health and Social Care Integration: An agenda for more person centred care’ includes the following insight from a former Department of Health adviser: “If you’re flying to Singapore, but have to change airlines en route, at no point does anyone suggest the airlines merge. We put the passenger in charge… Read more »

Contributing to national discussion and debate

We’ve been asked by Andrea Pearson, a freelance journalist, to contribute to a series of articles reflecting on ‘big ideas’ in the news. The first one was published a couple of weeks ago in the Herald Business magazine. In it, Animate partner Jo adds her reflections on the idea of a Universal Basic Income to… Read more »