Community empowerment

Community Empowerment and Democratic Renewal

We are facilitating a series of large and small group meetings for Scottish Government aimed at encouraging communities to participate in local and national democracy. These include supporting the setting up of the Scottish Massive Open Online Conversation (SMOOC) which begins in September 2015 and is being hosted by MIT. To find out more see and  

Crofting 2020

We are working with the Scottish Crofting Federation (SCF) to support Young Crofters to develop their voice. We helped organise and facilitated a Young Crofters Gathering at Glencanisp Lodge in Lochinver in March, which was attended by over 70 young and aspiring crofters from as far afield as the Northern and Western Isles. They met together with crofting elders, representatives from SCF, the Scottish Government, MSPs and others to develop a shared vison for the future of crofting. After the gathering a Young Crofters branch of SCF was formed and the findings from the Gathering presented to the Cross Party Group on Crofting at the Scottish Parliament. See the beautiful short film “Crofting’s New Voices” by Robin Haig, a filmmaker and young crofter, for more information.

Supporting Communities

We are working with the Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC) to provide area based community capacity building support to local organisations working to achieve a common purpose. This involves support for individual organisations, collective support /learning for the participating groups and bringing the groups together with local agencies to explore options for sustained support.

Workforce Development

We are working in partnership with SCDC to identify and address the emerging workforce development needs of front line workers in local communities to meet the challenge of working in an enabling way alongside community organisations, local interest groups, and the wider population to help stimulate more active participation in communities and in democratic processes. This initiative, funded by Scottish Government, includes an initial research phase to identify and innovative learning sites and a second phase working with local partners to assess and design workforce development opportunities most relevant to their existing work and their local areas.