Faith based organisations

Animate has always worked with faith based organisations whose work focuses on social justice.

Currently we are supporting the Conference of Religious in Ireland to join forces with the Irish Missionary Union as a way of making the best use of their combined resources.

We are also accompanying the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion as they prepare for their ‘Chapter’, a 4 week meeting which takes place every 7 years and enables them to review their purpose in today’s world and to select leadership. This time it will take place in Sao Paolo, Brazil in 2016. Our support involves leadership development, strategic planning and facilitation of gatherings in Rome, London, Saskatoon, New York, Jerusalem and Strasbourg.

2nd Annual report of Chance to Thrive

Our second annual report evaluating the impact of the Church of Scotland’s Chance to Thrive project is now complete.The research is being part funded by the Carneigie Trust who have produced the following short video about the project.

“Thanks for all your help during our time working together; I particularly admired your patience and general equanimity, your empathy, your great capacity to summarise and to keep the work moving. I consider ourselves to have been blessed by your presence and by your contribution.”

Peter Rodgers, Director General, The Conference of Religious of Ireland (CORI)