Health and social care integration

We believe that the successful integration of health and social care will require excellence in leadership, new levels of inter-agency partnership working, sustained stakeholder engagement, powerful communication and solid research data.
Animate is helping partners develop and enhance their skills in these areas – we’ve highlighted some examples of our current work below:

North Lanarkshire Health and Social Care PartnershipLeading Integration – North Lanarkshire

We were successful in our tender to North Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnership to co-design a leadership development programme with them. We’re working with senior leaders and managers to support the effective and meaningful integration of health and social care teams.

NHS LothianFramework and toolkit for integration – NHS Lothian

Animate is working with NHS Lothian to develop a framework and toolkit for integration teams across the Lothians. We’ll be piloting a programme of delivery along with training for organisational development and human resources staff to ensure they can deliver the framework and toolkit effectively.