Taking control of our health and wellbeing

Managing our own Health

In initiatives across Scotland, GPs, the third sector and health and social care practitioners are joining forces with individuals with long term conditions to ensure that health becomes something we do with rather than to people. Animate is providing facilitation support to one of these initiatives, the House of Care programme in Edinburgh which aims to change both attitudes and practice. As part of the same programme we have undertaken research with GPs across the city, on what they need to make it work.

Self-Directed Support

We have been working with In Control for the past 12 months on developing a strategic plan, which puts their mission of making self-directed support a meaningful and values driven process for people across Scotland, into practice. In Control have recently been awarded funding by the Scottish Government to continue to innovate and spread good practice, and over the next 6 months we will continue to support them as they go through a process of organisational change.