Developing groups and teams

At the heart of any group or team within a work setting is a shared purpose. But sometimes a team’s impact is weakened by its members being disconnected from this purpose, or each other.

Animate’s consultants work with groups as small as 3 and as large as 100+. Regardless of size, we adhere to the same core principle; we design and facilitate processes with groups to help them to achieve their goals. Our team has used this approach to:

• Increase the effectiveness of, and support change within, workplace teams

• Strengthen the organisational leadership of senior management and executive teams

• Develop effective partnerships and collaborations

• Engage and consult with stakeholders to clarify priorities and direction

• Strengthen community involvement and decision making

All members of the Animate team are experienced facilitators. Some bring particular experience in supporting groups in conflict and working with those who have experienced a ‘crisis’ event.

“I always notice when facilitation is done so well, probably because I notice when it is not done well. Your style continues to impress me; your gentleness and ability to listen so deeply and feedback what people have said in such a coherent way is such a gift.”

Caroline Brown, Service Co-ordinator, Quarriers