Developing organisations

Organisations, like individuals, need to continually work at being effective and successful. This investment of time and energy will support them to be more enterprising and efficient, and to ultimately achieve their strategic goals.

Animate’s consultancy work with organisations differs from our work with individuals in that it involves addressing processes, systems and structures, as well as the people who are within them. Our team has significant experience in supporting organisations in roles such as:

  • Facilitating development days
  • Supporting strategic and business planning
  • Performing organisational reviews and restructuring
  • Developing and strengthening governance at board level
  • Undertaking research, evaluation and stakeholder engagement
  • Providing support through periods of planned, and unplanned, change
  • Improving communication, and relationships with government and the media

Revenue Scotland

We are engaging with the full staff team to understand how culture in this rapidly growing, busy and successful organisation can be optimised. Revenue Scotland is only three years old, and the staff team has grown by 100% in the past 18 months, with continuous growth anticipated. Our work with them is to facilitate a ‘pause’, in order to identify what it is in the current culture that is underpinning success, and what needs to change in order that they can achieve their potential.

“As I get older I realise that sometimes the huge bouquet of amazing flowers pales against the hand-picked wild flowers that someone has taken the trouble to find and tie up.

Somehow, I now see that you, and the others in Animate, are that special hand-picked posy. You tailor everything to the group, organisation or people that you work with, never giving the ‘corporate’ correct off-the-peg answers.”

Sheila Scott, Executive Director, Inclusion