Developing partnerships and collaborations

Collaborating, and working in partnership, are not new concepts. They are, however, becoming both expected and a necessity in the face of tightening public finances and evolving government policy.

The environment in which public and third sector organisations work is changing rapidly. Social care and health have seen huge changes: Scotland has introduced self-directed support and begun integrating health and social care whilst England has restructured the NHS and placed new responsibilities on local authorities for care.

At the heart of this change is a fresh, collaborative approach to public service delivery. Animate is both skilled and experienced in supporting effective multi-agency and cross-sector collaboration, and the development of effective partnerships.

We know that the most successful outcomes are achieved when partners spend time building relationships, clarifying expectations and agreeing responsibilities, processes and parameters, prior to formally undertaking their intended work.

Our Living Leadership programme

In 2013/14, in collaboration with a range of funding partners and our partner Research for Real, Animate developed and piloted a seven-module programme called Living Leadership. This focused on developing the leadership required for integration of health and social care services in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

New health and social care integration programmes have been commissioned from Animate in East Lothian and North Lanarkshire for 2015-16. Leading Integration, the North Lanarkshire programme, is bringing 2 cohorts of senior leaders and managers in statutory health and social care services together with colleagues in the Third Sector across the 6 localities. The work in East Lothian will integrate concurrent development programmes for middle managers and front line staff. We’re excited to be working with the Thistle Foundation to develop the second phase of the Living Leadership programme in East Lothian.